Department Enrichment and Competition

Clubs are run before school, at break or after school. Every department has an affiliated club to help students develop skills and knowledge outside the normal lessons. All clubs are advertised to pupils.

It is vitally important for every student to gain experience outside the classroom environment to further their interest in that particular subject.

Example of clubs run at the school:

DepartmentEnrichment activity/club
MathsProblem Solving club
EnglishDebate mate
ScienceExploring science
PESports clubs (see PE timetable)
HistoryLook into History
ICTCoding club
MFLFilm club
Food technologyCook club
ArtPin hole Camera. R.A drawing workshop
DTD.I.Y skateboard club/ T-shirt making
MusicUkulele club/ harmony club/ rock band
DramaProduction club/ Performance + dance club

Competition at the School

To help promote competition within the school there is both form and individual competitions that take place throughout the year. Every subject sets a challenge for both forms and individual students. Points are awarded which are collated throughout the year. A list of prizes and how students can win points are listed below.

Points awarded:  Competitions, Behaviour and Attendance
Examples of prizes:  Trophies, badges, medals, certificates, pizza afternoons, Movie afternoons, stationery, hoodies, t-shirts.