Physical Education

We take pride in how our curriculum is run with an aim of making our subject as dynamic as possible. The curriculum provides every student with access to a tailored programme designed to enhance both academic and sporting ability.   Our departmental focus is to instil lifelong participation in both competitive sports, while also trying to inspire a love for physical activity and exercise. When a student starts at HHS, they are made aware of all the social, physical and emotional benefits of living a healthy active lifestyle. Within the department we branch off into three very differing facets; the competitive nature of sport, the academic aspects and guiding students to lead a healthy, active life. These three facets underpin the rationale for how successful we are as a department.    Competitive sport The competitive nature of sport involves providing clubs such as; trampoline, netball, rugby, football, athletics, handball, tennis & cricket. At this stage we organise ability appropriate fixtures against other schools in the borough vs. County. Creating ability appropriate competitions provides every child with a chance to engage and excel in all aspects of school life. Every student is provided with the tools to; problem solve, develop tactics and strategies to help overcome competitive situations, individual and teamwork and being able to analyse their performance and the performance of others. The PE team use their professional judgement to help tailor extra-curricular programmes to the demand of each child/year group. In the past, we have adjusted our curriculum and extra-curricular activities to suit the demands of certain year groups. Sports such as; volleyball have recently been included to suit the needs of a particular year group. Students seem to love this approach and this further demonstrates our pupil-focused approach.   Development of academics Within our faculty, we have a vast wealth of experience across a range of academic and sporting disciplines. We have staff members who have gone on to achieve top University accreditation while balancing studies with high levels of competitive sport. Having this full range, provides every student with an opportunity to excel both in a classroom and in the wider world. The range of qualifications we offer, provide pathway for A-Level, and level 3 in V-CERT & BTEC. Each student’s aims and goals are understood prior to further and higher education. We regularly welcome back HHS alumni who become aspirational role models to our aspiring PE students. Having experienced staff across different discipline’s assists and maximises the academic performance of every child. We have specialisms including sport science, sport psychology, biomechanics & sports coaching science.         
Leading healthy, active lifestyles We also do a fantastic job of inspiring students to understand the importance of keeping fit and healthy. We provide practical lessons and extracurricular clubs which help guide students in how to keep fit and staying healthy. We as team provide the necessary tools for how to exercise with all contact being underpinned by the science of training. We run fitness sessions weekly, where every student has access to state-of-the-art gym equipment & other school facilities which are designed to maximise health, fitness and well-being capacities. In line with growing research on mental health and the obesity crisis, we do our best to underpin all practical concepts with theoretical understanding.       

In both KS3 & KS4 we fulfil multiple sports events across all age groups. Students are required to attend training and competitive fixtures, trips and other enrichment opportunities. At KS4 we try to provide students with more coaching/sports leading opportunities.   KS3 is used to develop and grow a love PE through engagement, exciting and challenging sporting ability in a variety of different sporting contexts. We encourage all students to think independently & problem solve. All lessons are underpinned by theoretical concepts that assist with providing the fundamental knowledge required when at KS4 (GCSE & V-CERT). In KS3 we ensure that all lessons move chronologically from term to term, providing students with full access to practical sport and physical activity. In each term we deliver a range of sporting and physical activity opportunities. At KS3 our scheme of work is practically based with all lessons being underpinned by theoretical concepts linked with KS4. We have found that embedding theoretical concepts in a practical setting helps students arrive at KS4 with the full potential to succeed. We base starter tasks around the knowledge organiser and prioritise key concepts, themes skills from as early as Year 7. Having this contextualised approach helps students become familiar with any intellectual challenges at KS4. From a competitive sport perspective; we arrange ability appropriate competitions where all the skills below are further developed and extended.     At KS4 we offer a tailored programme which runs differently in each year group. At Year 9 we focus on providing more of a practical approach for both courses.  It is at Year 9 where the skills below are mainly focused on. As students approach Year 10, the programme is slightly different, with most Year 10 students yo-yoing between 2 practical: 1 theory & 2 theory:1 practical. This tailored approach is guided by where in the KS4 programme the class are at. If students are studying for exams/end of term exams the focus will be on balancing the theory and practical lessons to help students optimise lesson time. This same approach is taken with students who are in Year 11.   In KS4 we offer two courses both the GCSE and V-CERT. The exam boards linked to these qualifications are; Edexcel & NCFE. The V-CERT is practically based and involves one exam (40%) and a practical project (60%). The GCSE is preparation for A-Level and consists of two exams Paper 1 (36%) and Paper 2 (24%) with the remaining weighted in practical performance (30%) and coursework (10%). 

The KS3 curriculum is varied in sporting activity/theoretical content. To assist with the transition, all KS3 pupils are expected to use knowledge organisers (7-9). This will assist the theoretical support needed for KS4. The varied disciplines provided at KS3 allow students to gain an understanding of their strengths before entering KS4. Students are then guided along either the V-CERT or GCSE route. At KS3 students are assessed in-line with the GCSE practical specification. We provide students with practical activities that are very similar to the practical exam in Year 11. This supports KS3’s pathway into KS4.