Challenge and Careers


All pupils at the school are challenged to be the best that they can be in every aspect of their development. Academically we challenge students within lesson and actively encourage them to think critically about what they are learning. Outside lessons we provide a wide and varied provision of trips and events that aim to stretch and challenge those pupils who are identified as needing additional support. Some of these are listed below:

Higher Prior attainment (HPA)

Our Higher Prior Attainers are a group of approx. 30 students from each year group.

Through a wide range of activities (listed below), they are encouraged to take an active role in developing and shaping their own future.

  • Ted talks delivered by staff to instill an interest and understanding of wider academia
  • Opportunities to deliver their own presentations to fellow students
  • Revision and exam technique sessions
  • Talks from guest speakers
  • Careers advice and information including taster sessions
  • University hosted information and taster sessions.
  • College and A-level advice and information, including applications and making options

Brilliant club

The Brilliant Club’s ‘Scholars Programme’ provides 6 pupils from each year group with an experience of university-style learning through seven tutorials and two trips to highly-selective universities.

The programme runs every year, allowing as many students the opportunity to take part as possible

Pupils are supported by a PhD tutor, teaching a supra-curricular topic based on their current research, providing students with an opportunity to learn about a topic not taught in schools

The course aids students development skills including critical thinking, subject knowledge, written communication, and university self-efficacy

Debate Mate:

Debate Mate is a club at our school in which students are supported by top university students who teach pupils in year 7-10 a range of debating skills

The club runs for 17 weeks from November to April, and includes the chance to compete in a number of competitions in a range of amazing locations!

The programmes increase speaking and listening attainment as well confidence, teamwork, and leadership skills


Ten of our year 9 HPA students are currently undertaking an extra GCSE in Citizenship. The students have shown dedication and engagement throughout the course by staying after school for lessons


School Vision

“Our students aim for academic excellence and recognise how their academic progress can shape, mould and influence their future career pathways. They have the confidence, self-awareness and ambition to make knowledgeable and informed choices to break down barriers that broaden horizons and career aspirations to meet the challenges of an ever changing world”

To help achieve our School vision we have put in place a 3-year plan to ensure a whole school approach to Careers. To create a place where students can manage and track their own career journey with the support of external companies. Below is a list of initiatives that we currently run and look to implement over the next 3 years.

  1. Skill Builder Partnership

The skill builder programme helps students to develop 8 essential skills that are the core and transferable skills for employment and further education. This is to be implemented with our year 10 students and then across the school.

2. National Careers Week
During this week students work on subject based careers activities along with assembly focus on career pathways.

3. Career Drop down days

The drop down day is used as an opportunity for pupils to spend the day with the sole focus on careers. This includes mock interviews, careers fairs and trips

4. Assemblies 

Throughout the year the school dedicate assembly time to focus on Careers so students have the key information to make informed decisions

5. Careers fairs

As well as hosting our own careers fair where we invite all the local colleges, businesses and services we take pupils to nationally run events

6. Trips and Visits

These run throughout the year but most are set on our Drop Down Day’s to give the pupils an opportunity to explore different career pathways.

7. Mock Interviews

In conjunction with outside agencies (prospects) we take students through the interview process and give them advise on how to give the best interview.

8. Well-being lessons

These lessons are used for students 

9. Form time activities

10. Post -16 Options and Open Evenings