In the History department our goal is to provide students with a wide-range of knowledge pertaining to Britain and the wider world throughout history. In order to guide their study students will use different methods of enquiry, including evaluation of sources and interpretations to help them better understand the past. Throughout the program of study students will be required to identify links throughout history to form their own opinions on historical events. This will allow students to understand the importance of studying history by making connections to see how the past can shape the future and create a culture of acceptance and tolerance. By giving the students the opportunity to look at different historical concepts such as continuity and change, cause and consequence, similarity, difference and significance they will be able to see how the current world has been shaped by events in the past. These main principles of intent are important as they will provide pupils with the skills to think critically, develop perspective and judgement, to arrive at informed opinions on the challenges of their time. 

The History curriculum at KS3 moves chronologically throughout history, covering a breadth of time periods and themes such as Roman Britain, the Tudors, the Industrial Revolution, WWI and Civil Rights. KS3 is sequenced so that links can be made across topics, for example Crime and Punishment throughout history, to encourage analysis through the use of historical concepts such as similarities and differences as well as cause and consequences. GCSE skills are embedded throughout the KS3 curriculum which allows students to learn and practice skills required to succeed in KS4. By embedding skills like judging source utility, understanding how and why interpretations on historical events differ, critical thinking, evaluation, and practicing extended writing the KS3 curriculum links to KS4 to ensure students arrive with prior knowledge of key concepts, themes and skills. Our KS4 curriculum has been planned to incorporate both the knowledge and skills required to progress in line with assessment objectives to ensure students have confidence and ability to succeed in their History GCSE, as well as other subjects like English, and Geography which require similar skills. Additionally, these skills will help students even after they leave Hornchurch High School as they will have the confidence to tackle any challenges they encounter. 

The KS3 curriculum covers modern and relevant social and political issues present in today’s society. Our wide-ranging curriculum throughout KS3 gives students a wealth of knowledge of the world, primarily focussed on Britain during the Roman Empire, Medieval period, Tudors and Stuarts as per National Curriculum but also covers areas like the French Revolution, South Africa, Votes for Women and WWI on a global scale.