Art & Design

All pupils will be able to form a basic understanding of the formal elements within Art & Design. Students will explore and understand how art movements and styles have changed over time and how art and design both reflect and shape our history and contribute to culture. Pupils will be able to analyse creative choices that they have made as well as describe, interpret and critic the work of others. Pupils should be able to produce creative work, exploring their ideas and recording their personal experiences. Some will go onto become proficient in drawing, painting, sculpture and understand how to improve their own practice by being able to analyse their choices. 

In KS3 and KS4 students will explore ideas and experiences in response to a theme or issue, the range of skills and materials learned in KS3 allows pupils to be confident and experimental in KS4. The practical and contextual are combined in a theme based mini project in KS3 which encourages independent artist research. Pupils will be taught to record their observations in sketchbooks as a basis for exploring their ideas which lends its way to working in KS4.   The layout of schemes of work in KS3 mimic the Art & Design GCSE course structure, pupils are encouraged to analyse and evaluate work during their termly projects which is a vital skill in the KS4 course. Knowledge and skills are re-visited and built upon throughout the years. 

Students are challenged by the extensive observational drawing tasks, which can lend themselves to many other practices, students are encouraged to problem solve and think creatively when responding physically to a theme or project title, this lends itself to improve these skills which are used in a multitude of other subjects across the curriculum. Working with practical materials in a classroom setting requires students to be well behaved and focused. The department fosters high expectations and engagement regardless of ability, this enables students to work on these creative elements even if they do not continue with the subject at GCSE. Analysing and evaluating work requires higher order thinking and is relevant to many subject areas. Being independent, organised and methodical in their working practices is relevant for time management and independent study. Having the ability to articulate a thought feeling or opinion about a piece of art work requires the ability to interpret and analyse.