Gap Year

Although it is possible for people to take a career break at any age, young people will often defer their entry to higher education by a year to enjoy new experiences or learn new skills, or they may choose to take a gap year after graduation and before starting work.  

There are many reasons why people choose to take a year out:

  • to try new experiences;
  • to develop self-confidence and maturity;
  • to gain relevant work experience;
  • to earn money to fund further learning;
  • to give themselves time to think about their options;
  • to fulfil their personal ambitions.

Whether you choose to get a job to earn money, take a working holiday abroad or offer your time volunteering to a cause you are interested in, it’s important to plan your year out so that you get the most out of it. Skills gained on a well-structured gap year are much in demand from employers and can make a significant contribution to your own personal development.  

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