Food Technology

Pupils will be able to show and apply their knowledge and understanding of nutrition, food, food preparation and cooking when in different situations. This will help them to plan healthy balanced diets to maintain a healthy weight, reduce the risk of chronic diseases and promote overall health. Pupils will understand and demonstrate how to plan, prepare, cook and present dishes, using a range of skills (medium and complex). Pupils will develop a love for cooking, expressing their creativity through recipe modifications and food presentation/styling.   These principles of intent will allow pupils to be confident in the use of food preparation and cooking skills to make and present their own food, as well as food for others. They will also have the knowledge necessary to make informed choices when selecting food and planning menus.  

At KS3, the scheme of work facilitates the introduction of pupils to ingredients, equipment and cooking techniques.  They learn about the origin of food, nutrition and healthy eating. The sequencing of lessons allows for basic cooking skills to be developed and built on to show progress between years 7 and 8. These skills and knowledge provide a foundation on which more challenging lessons are planned and preparation is made for KS4 learning.   At KS4, the sequence of learning adheres to the requirements of the WJEC Hospitality and Catering qualification. Pupils are expected to transfer their skills and knowledge they gained in KS3 to tackle more challenging tasks.   KS3 schemes of work show links with to KS4 to facilitate the progression of pupils in term of skills and knowledge required to complete the theory aspects of the course during year 10 and during year 11, to complete their controlled assessment successfully and to prepare them for their chosen future careers. 

At KS3, the scheme of work covers the basic skills and knowledge needed to progress in the course if chosen at KS4.  Pupils are given the opportunity to practise food preparation skills that they will be able to use to make their meals whether or not they choose the subject as an option at KS4.   The knowledge and food preparation skills that are required at KS4 are taught at KS3 but in less detail and complexity. The KS4 scheme of work facilitates the progression of these skills.   Pupils have the opportunity to enjoy cooking. This is a life skill that will benefit pupils after leaving school.  Having a knowledge of Nutrition and Food preparation has many benefits for pupils in a variety of ways whether or not they choose to select the subject at KS4: Pupils can save money by cooking their own food, they can expand their mind by learning to cook food from a variety of cultures, they can use cooking to relieve stress, they can make healthy meals for themselves, boosting their health and wellness, they can express themselves through food presentation/styling.