The course is broken down into topic areas which are approached in a fun and meaningful way that students can relate to in a stimulating and interactive learning environment. 

This new style GCSE should prove to be a good way of getting back to the core of language learning. Topics covered are culture based and are useful for day to day speaking in the country itself.

We pride ourselves on our ability to bring languages to life and create a stimulating, safe and fun environment in which learning flows nicely thanks to our highly trained and qualified staff and routine based approach. 


Culture based activities:

Family, friends, boyfriends/girlfriends, nights out, making arrangements to go out

Sport, music, tv, film, cinema, actors, books, life online

Food, meals, family celebrations, festivals

Home, town, weather

Holiday, booking a holiday, reviewing hotels, ordering food

School, comparing schools here and in Spain

Jobs, future plans, careers choices, applying for jobs, importance of language

Our planet, problems in the world, environment, volunteering

Homework consists of vocabulary learning and grammar as these are both key to a good grade, as well as online tasks. Pupils will be used to this so no surprises await.

There is also the opportunity to visit Spain during this time and go to the Spanish institute in London to use Spanish in real situations.

Please Note: Students choosing a language must continue with the language they studied in Year 7 and 8.

Course Leader:  Miss Charles(