Course Assessment

50% NEA Non examined Assessment (coursework -split into 6 sections with deadlines set)

50% Written Examination (two hour exam combination of multiple choice, short and extended answer questions that also includes sketching/drawing) 

What We Study

If you enjoy critically analysing products, designing, developing and making products, then this course would suit you.   The focus of the course is to prepare students to participate in the increasing technological world. The course provides students with the opportunity to explore materials and components whilst designing, developing and making products.

The aim of the specification is to encourage students to consider how materials can be shaped, combined and formed to create more useful or more desirable products.  They will also consider how products will fit into industrial and commercial situations as well as the influence ICT and computer aided manufacture have on manufacturing in the modern age.

The course is broken down into three main sections: 

  • Core technical principles 
  • Specialist technical principles 
  • Design and making principles

During Year 9/10 you will develop your skills and understanding in Design Technology by completing a programme of structured design and making assignments.  These mini ‘design and make’ tasks will focus on broadening your understanding of materials through first hand practical projects. The emphasis within these projects will be developing ‘hands-on’ practical skills and building upon your theoretical knowledge in relation to materials and wider design issues. 

In Year 10/11, you will complete your NEA (Non examined assessment).  Students are required to submit a design folder which consists of 25 A3 sheets of written and design work and a realised 3D product. 

Additional Information

Students will be expected to provide the following equipment for the course:

Memory stick, coloured pencils, black pen, black fine liner, HB pencil, rubber, ruler, calculator. Students may also be required to purchase materials but this is dependent on the product they produce as part of the NEA. 

Course Leader:  Ms Mahoney (