Course Assessment

50% Non-Exam Assessment (NEA)

50% Written Examination

What We Study

This is for those students who are interested in learning more about food and who enjoy the preparation of it.  The course is made up of a mixture of practical tasks, theory and investigational work, focusing heavily on Food Science. The course will give students a knowledge of food and food preparation techniques by developing their cookery skills and extending their knowledge and understanding of nutrition and the chemical properties and changes of food.

Areas of Content   Nutrition; Diet and Health; Food Science; Food Choice; Food Safety; Food Provenance (where it comes from). This is assessed in a final one hour and  45 minute exam in the summer of Year 11.    
Non-Exam Assessment Non-Exam Assessment 1 – Food Investigation Task  
    15% of total qualification, 8 hours, report length between 1500–2000 words eg ‘Investigate the conditions required for gluten formation in preparing a dough’.  
  Non-Exam Assessment 2- Food Preparation Task 
  35% of total qualification, 15 hours (includes a three hour practical exam), portfolio of evidence eg ‘Plan, prepare and evaluate a range of dishes from a european cuisine of your choice.  Present three dishes’.

Additional Information

Students are expected to provide their own ingredients and serving dishes. They will also need access at home to scales to weigh out ingredients in advance 

Course Leader:   Miss Amoa-Sakyi (T