Course Assessment

60% Non-Exam Assessment (NEA)
40% Written Examination

This qualification is both externally and internally assessed.

What We Study

Pupils will gain a broad understanding of Food and Cookery including the following:

  • The safe and hygienic practices for themselves and the cooking environment
  • The main food groups and the key nutrients required for a healthy diet
  • Food recommendations for specific needs/age groups
  • Planning and producing dishes in response to a brief
  • How to create a recipe.

Unit 1 – Principles of Food Safety, Food Nutrition and Choice:
This unit is assessed through a written examination and Is worth 40% of the overall qualification.

Unit 2 – Developing  Preparation and Cooking Skills:
This unit is assessed through a Non-examination assessment task (NEA) which will be completed under controlled conditions and marked by your teacher. It is also externally moderated by the exam board. This assessment will allow you to showcase the food preparation skills you have developed through your practical lessons and  is worth 60% of the qualification.

Course Leader:   Mrs T Amoa-Sakyi –