Course Assessment

100% Written Examination
Paper 1:  Exploration into creative reading and writing
Paper 2:  Writers’ viewpoints and perspectives

What We Study

GCSE English Language is designed such that students should read and be assessed on high quality, challenging texts from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries.  The specification requires students to read, interpret and analyse fiction and non-fiction sources, as well as demonstrate their ability to write extended pieces to communicate a point or idea with clarify and conviction. Our curriculum gives students the opportunity to hone these skills and develop their ability to write with confidence and flare, whilst supporting them with clear structures.

The GCSE specification also requires students to deliver an accredited piece of Speaking and Listening which assesses their:

  • Presenting Information and Ideas: selecting and organising information and ideas effectively and persuasively for prepared spoken presentations; planning effectively for different purposes and audiences; making presentations and speeches.
  • Responding to Spoken Language: listening to and responding appropriately to any questions and feedback.
  • Spoken Standard English: expressing ideas using Standard English whenever and wherever appropriate.

Course Leader:  Ms M Amin – 22AAdewumi@hornchurchhigh.com